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FIGURERISE Standard Super Saiyan Son Goku

Harga :
Rp 412,000
Brand : Bandai
Genre / Model : ¥2800
Ketersediaan : Ready
Kategori : SHFigurearts
Variant :
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Deskripsi Produk FIGURERISE Standard Super Saiyan Son Goku
  • Create the ultimate physique by the astonishing "Muscle Build-up System".
  • The muscular body can only be achieved by the unique model kit parts separation. Fully recreate the powerful physique of Goku.
  • Recreate Goku's anime appearance through simple assembly. The colors of his pupils and eyebrows are also reproduced by carefully color-divided parts.
  • The folds in Goku's clothing are matched to the partition lines of his joints to create more natural movements of joints.
  • Along with parts for another facial expression, hands and effect parts for sure-kill moves are included.

    A new breed of action figure model kit that blends high articulation and detailed sculpts together in one package! Super Saiyan Goku is constructed using layered colored plastic techniques that blend the seam lines together with the folds of his outfit and contours of his muscles leading to a natural appearing joint system. Simple construction patterns ensure it will be an easy to build figure even for those who have never built a model kit before! Includes different hand parts for various martial arts poses, and 2 types of kamehameha effect parts with stand, and one powering up facial expression!

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