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PS4 Disgaea 5 Makai Senki (Japan) R3 Ori

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Brand : Playstation
Genre / Model : Region 3 Jepang
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Kategori : Playstation 4
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Deskripsi Produk PS4 Disgaea 5 Makai Senki (Japan) R3 Ori


This is the Japanese version.

The latest installment of the DISGAEA series arrives on PlayStation®4.
The theme for this time are "Revenge & Rebellion" and "The unite of Overlords".
Existing in different Netherworlds, these characteristic Overlords will all rise up together and fight against the evil Demon Emperor who rules the universe.

From the "over-million damages" to "Level 9999",
these well-known unique gameplays of DISGAEA are still very much active in DISGAEA 5! This overwhelming gaming system allows you to dig deeper into the game.
There will also be all-time largest amount of story plots.
Furthermore, the additional "limitless" breeding system is added in DISGAEA 5!

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